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Cairo Fred rocks, of course. It's also fun, smart and entertaining. It's my favorite grab-a-beer-and-boogie band. I hold my lighter aloft in the darkened arena in tribute...


Paul Farhi


Cairo Fred is awesome. Great musicians, excellent vocals, spot on song choices -- Steely to Stevie to the Once and Future (artist known formerly and latterly as) Prince and some delightful originals along the way. Despite the psycho-trauma of seeing Desson in a kilt, I highly recommend hearing Cairo Fred.


Linton Weeks




Tribute to Joni Mitchell, Strathmore Hall,
August 14, 2008.



Steuart, it was an honor to play with you.


Steuart Smith (far right) liviní it up with the Eagles.



Photos from Bandhouse Gigs / Strathmore Tribute to Joni Mitchell


More Photos courtesy Diane Rosenthal







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